Benefits Of Chrome Exchange Services For Your Motorcycle

24 May 2021
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For many motorcycle owners, maintaining the condition of the chrome-plated components is a passion and a serious time commitment. If you are one of those owners, and you regularly spend time cleaning, maintaining, and caring for your motorcycle, you've probably even looked into the polishing and replating services for your bike's forks and other chrome components. However, you might not be ready for the weeks of downtime associated with having those parts replated. That's where an exchange service comes in. Here's a look at some of the reasons why you should consider chrome exchange services instead.

More Affordable

Custom chrome-plating services can be quite costly, especially when you're having multiple components from your bike treated. Sometimes, those costs are prohibitive, leaving you unable to finish the look you really want for your bike.

With chrome exchange services, you won't face the same high costs. Most chrome exchange services are far more affordable because they work in a much higher volume. They aren't going to take your chrome components, plate them and polish them custom for you, and then send them back to you. Instead, they'll send you components that have already been freshly plated and polished, and you send them back your existing ones, which they can then treat and have ready for another order.

You will usually pay an additional deposit upfront, but that deposit is returned to you as soon as they receive your components.


Another reason why many motorcycle owners often put off chrome plating services is because of the time involved. When you work with a custom replating shop, you'll usually be looking at a minimum of a few weeks for the turnaround of your bike's components. While you're waiting, that leaves your bike off the road.

If you don't want to have your motorcycle out of commission that long, you should consider a chrome exchange service instead. They ship you out the components that you need before you send them yours, so the only downtime you'll have is the time spent swapping those components.

Quality Work

It's no surprise that custom plating work is high-quality. Those shop owners earn their living providing this service, so they strive to keep their customers happy. However, custom plating isn't the only option that gives you high-quality plated parts for your bike. When you work with a chrome exchange service, remember that they, too, specialize in the industry. You'll get quality plated parts for your bike so you can keep your bike looking like new.

Reach out to a local chrome fork exchange service to learn more.