Auto Body Shop Repair Work For Non-Collision Incidents

17 February 2021
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Auto body shop technicians commonly fix damage that isn't the result of a vehicle accident. It might have been caused by vandalism or an unintentional action. Storms can cause auto body damage as well. Depending on the person's automotive coverage, some of the bills might be covered by the insurance company.

Errant Actions and Storms

Dents and scratches happen for a variety of reasons. For example, the car might be struck by a softball or a golf ball when a player makes an errant swing. A branch falling from a tree during a storm can also leave scratches or a dent.

The effects of hail on a vehicle can be small or large. There might be just a few dents on the trunk, hood, or roof caused by a brief moment of ice falling from the sky. In contrast, the dents might be more widespread. In that case, comprehensive insurance coverage pays for the repair work beyond the deductible amount. The only issue would be if the insurer declares the vehicle a total loss. This could happen if several parts must be replaced to return the automobile to its previous condition.

Parking Lot Incidents

Scratches, small dents, and dings on side panels and doors are frequent reasons people come to a repair shop. Often, these flaws appear because of a vehicle's door striking an automobile in a parking lot. The person wasn't careful enough, or a sudden gust of wind blew the door into a nearby car or pickup truck.

Vandalism and Inappropriate Behavior

A prevalent form of relatively minor vandalism is known as keying. This is when a person walks alongside the automobile and scratches it with a key. This leaves a visible line across the paint. 

Another result of vandalism appears as two similarly shaped dents on the roof, hood, or trunk. This generally happens if someone stood in these spots of the vehicle. In some instances, this wasn't the result of vandalism but of foolish behavior.

Resolving Dents and Scratches

Technicians commonly can resolve minor dents by pulling the metal back into place with a special tool. They might not need to paint the area unless it has been scratched. Large dents may require replacement of the component, such as a panel, hood, or door. Scratches are repaired by buffing the area and touching up the paint.

Scheduling an Appointment

All of these problems can be resolved by technicians at an auto body shop. The vehicle owner can schedule an appointment to get an estimate. Minor problems might be fixed during that same appointment. Major work can be scheduled for later. Afterward, the customer is pleased to have the car or pickup truck looking great again. Contact an auto body shop for more information.