3 Ways To Repair Auto Body Dents

16 July 2020
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Dents are one of the most common types of auto body damage. A dent has the potential to ruin your vehicle's visual appeal. Some dents can also interfere with the function and safety of your vehicle. Collision repair specialists have the ability to eliminate dents and restore your vehicle to its original condition.

A few different techniques are used by auto body technicians to eliminate dents. The method used for your vehicle will depend on the location and severity of the dent.

1. Hammer and Dolly

A hammer and dolly approach can be used to repair dents in your vehicle. This technique utilizes a specialized dolly that is placed behind the dented panel of your vehicle.

Pressure is then applied from behind the dolly, which can raise up any low points in the dent. A hammer is then used to eliminate any high spots left behind by the dolly.

The hammer and dolly approach takes time to utilize, but it can be an effective way to eliminate large dents from the body panels of passenger vehicles.

2. Stud Welder

The same gun that is used to weld studs into place can be used to eliminate dents from your vehicle. A stud welder is used to affix a stud to the dented area. This stud acts as an anchor for a slide hammer or t-handle.

A technician can apply a pulling force to the dent using the slide hammer or t-handle, pulling the dented area back into the proper position. The welded stud is then removed from your vehicle and the repaired area is sanded and painted.

Stud welders are often used for small dents that don't require a lot of physical strength to pull out.

3. Dent Puller

Another popular dent repair technique requires the use of a dent puller. A dent puller is essentially a handle that is applied to the dented area of a vehicle's exterior.

A strip of strong, but removable glue holds the dent puller in place. A technician can then apply force to the dent puller using his or her own body or a pulling device.

The major benefit of a dent puller is that this device allows you to eliminate a dent without damaging the painted finish of your vehicle's exterior.

Don't let a dent compromise your vehicle. Visit an auto collision repair shop to have all dents professionally removed from your vehicle's exterior using one of the three major dent repair techniques.