Signs Of Serious Damage After A Front Fender-Bender That You Should Never Ignore

17 May 2019
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After being involved in a fender-bender that crunched the front of your vehicle, you may think that the only damage caused was to the appearance of the body. However, even if the impact was minor, there is still a good chance that serious damage was done to your car. If you attempt to drive your car after the accident, be on the lookout for the following signs that indicate unseen damage.

1.  Steering Wheel Pulls Sharply to One Side 

The first sign for which you should be on the lookout is often noticeable right after the accident. As you pull away from the scene and try to drive down the road, you may find that the steering wheel is pulling sharply to one side. You may even notice that you have to fight it just to keep driving straight.

If your steering wheel is pulling to the side, there are a couple of possible reasons. First, the tire on the side of the impact may have been struck by the other vehicle. It may have a bent rim, or it may have been knocked out of balance or alignment. 

Second, the frame itself may have sustained some damage that has made the body of the car uneven. This can affect the front axle, a wheel, or the suspension.

2.  Loud Clunking Noises Can Be Heard 

Another sign that your car has suffered unseen damage during the accident is the sound of clunking, either while trying to make a turn or when driving in a straight line. The points at which you hear the sounds can give you a clue as to what part of your vehicle was damaged.

If you hear the clunking noise while trying to make a turn, the problem usually involves something to do with the tire. The tire may be so out of alignment that it strikes the wheel well. Alternatively, the axle may have bent or the suspension spring may have been damaged.

If you hear the sound while you are trying to drive on a straight patch of road, pay attention to when it occurs. If you hear the sound when your car is shifting gears, there is most likely a problem with the transmission that will only get worse if it is not repaired promptly.

If you notice either of the signs above, do not ignore them, as there could be serious damage that you cannot see. Instead, have an auto collision repair service like Downtown Garage & Auto Body take a look at your car so they can diagnose any problem areas and discuss your options for making your vehicle safe to drive once again.