Removing a Dent from Your Fender on Your Own with Temperature Change

10 November 2016
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If you recently bumped your front fender into a pole or lamppost in a store parking lot, you most likely wish to remedy the appearance of your fender properly. A small dent may be able to be repaired on your own with the assistance of hot and cold temperatures. Here are some steps you can use to remove a dent from your fender on your own.

Materials You Will Need

  • Piece of aluminum foil
  • Painter's tape
  • Hair dryer
  • Insulated gloves
  • Block of dry ice
  • Cooler

Evaluate the Dent Before Starting the Job

Before you start applying a hot or cold temperature to your fender, ensure that the dent is free of scratches within the paint job. This would require help from an auto body repair shop or would mean you would need to take a trip to an auto supply store for paint to touch up the metal after the dent is removed. If the dent appears to have a few crumpled spots within the impacted area, this would be a bit more difficult to remove and should be handled by a professional.

Apply Heat to the Fender to Prime the Metal

Rip off a piece of aluminum foil from the roll and place it over the dent using pieces of painter's tape. The aluminum should completely cover the dent so air does not escape from the damaged area as you apply heat. Turn a hair dryer on the highest temperature setting and direct the airflow over the aluminum in the area where the dent is located. Do not touch the aluminum with the hair dryer, but do your best to get the nozzle as close to the foil as possible for adequate heating. Heat the foil for several minutes.

Switch to a Cold Temperature to Pop the Dent Back into Place

When you are ready to switch to a cold temperature, shut off your hair dryer and quickly slide on a pair of insulated gloves. Grab a piece of dry ice from a cooler and rub it over the heated aluminum foil. Do this gently until you hear a popping sound from the metal. This means the change in temperature in the metal had been effective in causing it to push back out to its original appearance. If the sound is not heard, conduct the process of heating and cooling once again. If the process fails to work after a few times, call an auto repair shop for assistance.