3 Hidden Collision Damages That An Auto Collision Repair Shop Can Detect

21 September 2021
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Auto collisions occur every day. Vehicle damage is inevitable in a collision. Sometimes the vehicles involved are reparable. The owners will need to seek an auto collision repair shop to determine if the damages can be fixed. Even if a vehicle can be fixed, an insurance company may decide to classify the vehicle as totaled out when the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the car. At-fault drivers with liability insurance on cars they own are responsible for their own repair or replacement costs. These individuals might elect to proceed with the repairs if they consider the cost of getting a new car. The following points identify common damages that might not be obvious after a collision.

Frame Damage

You likely think that frame damage after a collision will be obvious. This is not always the case. To better understand this concept, you need to understand that there are two types of frame damage. They are referred to as direct and indirect damage. Direct damages can be visually seen after an accident. Indirect frame damages are located in areas that would be difficult for motorists to see at the scene of an accident. Auto body shops have machines and trained technicians who can identify this type of damage that commonly occurs at the base of vehicles. You could have indirect frame damage even if a collision does not cause major denting.


The first time that you might notice an alignment issue after an accident is when you drive the vehicle for an extended amount of time. Some drivers may not notice subtle changes in how their vehicles drive. However, alignment issues can cause performance issues such as wheels not rolling in a uniform pattern. It might appear to shift towards one side during operation and be difficult to park straight. These vehicles will also have uneven treadwear. If alignment issues are not repaired, the car owner's tires will wear out prematurely.

Transmission Damage

Do not assume that all of your vehicle's critical parts are located under the hood. Some vehicles have transmissions that are located in the rear. A rear-end collision can damage the transmission. The damages might not be evident because transmission fluid leaks do not always happen with this type of collision impact. You will likely notice a change in how your vehicle performs.

An auto collision shop is the best resource to use after a collision. Even if your vehicle appears to have minor damage, the hidden damage might be severe enough for a hefty repair bill. Fender benders are often considered minor accidents, but they can cause serious alignment issues.