4 Unexpectedly Expensive Collision Repair Jobs

26 November 2019
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Many people assume that they can forego collision cover since they do not expect to be at-fault for a severe accident, but even a seemingly minor impact can result in a shockingly high repair bill. If you think you can pay for that little scratch out of pocket, these four surprisingly expensive repairs might convince you otherwise.

Bumper Replacement

In the past, cars used heavy steel bumpers that were designed to withstand significant impacts. A minor collision would often result in a few scuffs and probably significantly more damage to the other object. Modern safety standards have replaced these durable yet dangerous bumpers with safer alternatives, but safer does not usually mean cheaper. Minor damage to a bumper can often require a full replacement, especially if there are cracks or the paint damage is extensive. The cost to replace and repaint a bumper can easily make its way into the four-figure range; replacements may be necessary after even low-speed impacts.

Sensor Damage

Many modern cars equipped with park distance control sensors and cameras integrated into the bumpers. These pieces of technology can make your vehicle safer and more comfortable to drive, but the cost to replace them can add up quickly. Sensor replacement can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to an already expensive bumper repair job.

Glass Repair

Was your windshield damaged in an accident? You might think that this is a simple repair, but your windshield is an essential safety component, and significant cracks or chips generally necessitate a full replacement. If your car is equipped with a rain sensor or a heads-up display, then you may require specially treated windshield glass along with careful removal and reinstallation. Replacements of this type are costly in both parts and labor.

Paint Touch-Ups

Paint might not be high on your priority list if you drive an older vehicle, but if you have a newer car, then even minor paint damage can significantly impact your car's resale value. Dents and dings that can be remedied with paintless dent repair are ideal since they do not require a respray. More significant damage will usually require that an entire panel be sanded and repainted to blend the new paint with the old. Correctly painting a whole panel is often a very costly job.

Keeping your car looking like new after an accident is rarely cheap, especially if you choose a quality auto body repair shop to perform the work. Contact services like High Point Body & Paint if you need auto body repairs.