Options For Dent Repair Service

6 October 2016
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Dents that occur as a result of collision or animal damage are tricky repairs to make, but you have several options for dent repair service types to choose from, along with various discounts to consider. 

Your Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance is one service option to look into. They may cover dent repair if you have a specialized insurance type. For dents caused by collisions, look into your collision insurance policy to see if you can file a claim for auto body collision repair. Damage caused by animals, hail, or other unusual circumstances would fall under comprehensive insurance policies. 

Unlimited Dent Repair Services

When you have multiple dents to contend with, you may want to seek out an auto body repair shop that offers unlimited dent repair services. Under these policies, your shop will handle multiple dents at a time. Check to see what types of repairs are offered; these deals may only apply to dent repair and not severe scratches that require a paint touch-up. 

Auto Body Repair Shops: Single-Serve

If you have one major scratch only, then the cheapest route may be to simply visit an auto body shop and pay a one-time fee for your collision repair. 

Replacing the Panel

Another option is to have the panel replaced if the damage is confined to a specific area. For example, if one of your car doors sustained a lot of damage and contains multiple pits and scratches, then it may be wise to get an aluminum replacement for this part of the frame. In some cases, it's cheaper than a multiple dent repair deal. But more importantly than that, a badly damaged piece of metal may not be as structurally sound even after repair; getting a new sheet of metal for the area helps to protect your car's value and safety for the long haul. 


And, for those who are very adventurous, there's always the option of trying to do a paintless dent repair yourself. If the dent is minor enough that it hasn't caused the metal to buckle at all, then you might want to gather some tutorials on how to pop the metal back into place. You might need to invest in a rubber mallet or other equipment to do the job, but it may be less expensive than getting the dent repaired professionally. And, if you are unsuccessful in your attempts, there is always the option to fall back on an auto body shop repair.