3 Signs You Should Powder Coat Your Rims

29 April 2016
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Although most rims are ready to be put on your car and used as soon as they are purchased, there are additional things that you can do to them before installing them on your car. For example, you can work with a body shop or even a metal shop that does powder coating to have your rims covered with a protective coating. These are a few signs that you should have this done to your rims.

1. Your Rims Were Expensive

Although you probably wouldn't want to go through the trouble of having inexpensive, simple rims powder coated, it can be worth it if you shelled out a lot of cash for your rims. Since you probably want to enjoy your pricey rims for as long as possible -- and get as much for them as you can if you choose to sell them -- investing in a powder coating for them can be a good way to protect your investment.

2. Your Rims are Rare

A lot of people who restore classic cars like powder coating for certain parts -- such as rims or painted parts -- because it protects them. It can be tough to find another set of classic rims for a classic car -- particularly if you have restored authentic classic rims -- so a lot of owners of these cars and parts like to protect them as much as possible. Powder coating them can help prevent them from getting damaged, which means that you can reduce your risk of having to search for another set of classic rims just like the ones that you have.

3. Your Rims are Prone to Damage

Some rims are more prone to damage than others. If you do a lot of driving in conditions that could cause scratches and damage to your rims -- such as if you do a lot of parallel parking in the city and are afraid that you might scratch your rims on the curb, or if you drive in sandy conditions, which can cause small scratches on your rims if you aren't careful -- then you might want to have them powder coated to help provide a barrier of protection for them.

Powder coating can be a great way to protect your rims from scratches and other damage and can keep them looking nice for a whole lot longer. If any of these three situations apply to you, you might want to look into powder coating your rims, such as at Powder Coating Specialties, to protect them.